Meeting and conference

Sydspissen is a hotel with excellent course and conference facilities. The largest meeting room ‘Tussøy’ can accommodate 100 participants.
We also have a meeting room ‘Småvær’ which can accommodate 40 participants, as well as ‘Sessøy’ and ‘Gåsvær’ which can both accommodate 25 participants.

In addition we have 2 seminar rooms.

The course rooms are light and comfortable, and are equipped with video projector, overhead projector, flip chart and whiteboard.
Penn and paper for the participants is included.

A one day course comprises:

- Meeting rooms
- A selection of fruit on arrival
- Coffee break buffet available all day
- Lunch buffet with hot and cold dishes

Please contact us for a no-obligation quote or if you would like to see the rooms before making a booking.

Strandveien 166 9006 Tromsø. Tlf.:+47 77 66 14 10 post@sydspissenhotell.no